Proud Supporter of our Military and First Responders!
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Whether active in the Military, a police officer, firefighter or EMT, first responders and our active armed forces, are the first on the scene after an accident or other emergency, and are working hard every day to defend our country.

To show our support and appreciation for what these professionals do, we offer to our active First Responders and Military personnel (Must be Bride or Groom), a $350 discount on the rental costs at the venue*.
First Responder Eligibility:
Eligibility:Employees and volunteers of Primary first responder entities – both public sector (e.g., government) and private (non-government); and State and local primary first responders (Law enforcement, Fire, and EMS.

Not Eligible:
  • Other public safety is not included as an eligible first responder
  • Retired employees
  • Federal agencies
  • Employees and volunteers of entities in MA.

  • Military Eligibility:
  • Active military service personnel 

  • You Will Need to:

  • Provide proof of eligibility
  • Valid Military ID
  • Current paystub
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    * New weekend reservations only.
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