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Bubbles at a Glance…

Champagne Cart Overview

  • Rental includes a dedicated Bartender that will be dedicated to Bubbles your entire event; all set-up and preparation; all cleaning; and overall operations are all included. No extra fees or costs.
  • Bubbles remains open until 30 minutes before your main inside bar stops serving.
  • Proprietary cooling system that dispenses Champagne at the perfect chilled temperature between 37-41 degrees. Even on hot Summer days!
  • Renting Bubbles requires a 3 week advance notice.

Photo Booth Overview

  • The inside of the Camper can accommodate a mobile Photo Booth!
  • The inside is optional. To host your PHOTO BOOTH inside Bubbles, there's $100 fee for inside preparation, use, and cleaning
  • inside of Bubbles has A/C and dedicated Power
  • Nothing compliments Champagne on Tap more than a little FUN!

New Bride price of $750*
(Regular Price is $1250)
Ask about our FREE $500 Upgrade Package with all new rentals!

*Rental does not include Champagne kegs or Champagne glasses. We will work with you to source and provide the Champagne Kegs needed for your wedding!
The Story of Bubbles and how it all started...
Although we see Bubbles the way she is today, so much has happened in her 49 year life! Bubbles was was born in 1972 in Wakarusa, Indiana, as a 14' ham camper trailer named Chickadee. Weighing in at a mere 875 lbs, she was described at that time as "Light as a Feather, Pretty as a Bird!". Chickakee (or as she is better known today - Bubbles, was the second smallest of 6 siblings in the Fleetwing Family; There was Wren (12ft), Thrush (16ft), the twins - Cardinal & Lark (both at 17ft), and Sunbird (at 19ft).

So, when she was a young 48 years old, we found Bubbles living up in Iowa! She came to us in a bit different condition then you see her today, but our daughter Sarah had a vision (with a little help from Pinterest!) and saw the potential of what Bubbles could be - a Champagne on Tap trailer we could use at her wedding! So, working alongside he dad, the two of them carefully started one of the largest, and most complex DIY Father/Daughter wedding projects you can imagine!

Although her outside skin is all original, and most every detail, curve and corner identical to her past, almost everything underneath her surface is new and upgraded! Here's the story of Bubbles and how she came to live as a permanent resident of Bayou Haven!
Arrival from Iowa!
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So much potential!
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Looking her Over!
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Day One!
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The Big Tear Down to her Bare Essentials!
Although we loved Bubbles from the day we brought her down South (from her very cold home in Iowa), we didn't realize how much love and attention she needed… If we wanted to shape her into the elegant and romantic Champagne tap trailer we knew she could be, we knew we could not cut corners… So, piece by piece and board by board, we dismantled her to her bare essentials. But we didn't rush! We took the time to carefully photograph and document each and every curve and detail of her body! And we did this all the way down to her trailer foundation!
Day One!
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Saving the Siding!
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Sides Break off!
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Day 4!
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Walls come Down!
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Day 18 - The Frame…
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The Re-Build begins...
We sanded her metal frame to remove all of the rust from her 48 years of service, replaced some damaged beams, and started rebuilding her from the floor up! We used her old frame as a template to build her new and renewed frame, and paid careful attention to save and reuse each and every part of her original body! What you experience today when you get to know Bubbles is the same materials and flare that she had the day she was born in 1972.
Trailer Repaired!
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Sub-Floor goes In!
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Day 21 - the Floor
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Sides are Built!
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Day 44!
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Walls goes up!
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Siding goes on!
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Siding Continues…
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Her New Paint!
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The Champagne Tap and other Details!
Designing the inside of Bubbles and solving how we would get champagne to flow at a refreshing 38 - 42 degrees (even in the hot summer), was no easy task! Using customized plumbing, a specialized cooling refrigeration system, and some clever blowers and duct work, we made it happen. Don't worry! You just walk up and every glass you draw will be refreshingly cool. We did the hard work! You just sit back, relax, and smile!
Cooling System
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The Taps!
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Looking Good!
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Finer Details
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Her Name…
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Another Look…
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The Photo Booth Inside!
The inside of Bubbles can also be reserved and used as a photo booth for your guests! What a great way to capture some fun memories! With Champagne in hand, you can't help but smile!
Inside Fun!
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BYO Photographer!
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Endless Possibilities!
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Bubbles is ready to make your wedding incredible!
Now that Bubbles is available for your wedding and Best Day Ever, be sure to reserve early and check out the items in the Event Rental Gallery that are EXCLUSIVE options to rent for Bubbles! From champagne carts, glassware, furniture, and elegant candelabras, there's something for everyone that rents Bubbles! If you're a bride to be and getting married at Bayou Haven, be sure to reserve Bubbles today!

Sorry to disappoint ladies, but Bubbles is only available for rent by brides that are getting married at Bayou Haven!
All Finished and ready for YOU!
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